Posada is a Galician Company with a long family tradition and passion for food which brings you natural products from Galicia.

José Posada with 50 years of experience, was a pioneer on transforming the Galician Chesnuts flagshio product today, the Marron Glacé.The careful selection of the best fruits, the delicate process which does not use preservatives or colorants, and the experience of work, make these products unique and exclusive with a perfect quality for the most demanding and exquisite palates.


Carnicas Teijeiro was  born  as  a family fabric  of cold  meat and  salted products, and  has  succeeded in being faithful to the habits and production methods of the traditional ways using 100% Porco Celta (Celtic Pork )

What was  first born  as an artisan fabric of traditional “chorizo”  sausage, is nowadays a modern facility that  uses sophisticated technology to ensure the quality of its products. All this while still using  the same artisan methods that made cold meat products from Galicia famous: a strict selection of raw material  and  a smoking process that uses natural wood.

The honesty with which the products are presented to the final consumer have made Galician cuisine a synonym of purity. This is one of the aims and motives of Carnicas Teijeiro in all its wide range of products: chorizón, salchichón, loin, ham, bacon, belly pork or salted products.


Benboa is a small company from Galicia, located in a privileged environment, in the heart of a natural park in the Arousa Estuary, situated in an ancient salted fish factory at a small village named Corrubedo.

A refurbished space where you can find a seafood nursery, a traditional food market, a tavern restaurant where you can taste the best of our ocean and a small workshop of canned and ready-cooked meals. Seafood Cakes, Octopus, rice or sauces that benboa produces fully handcrafted with the fi nest fi sh and seafood coming from sustainable fishing. The fish is landed in Galician Fish Markets, using 100% of maximum freshness and natural ingredients. Products have minimal processing, simple and healthy kitchen, a very easy preparation and with a high gastronomic value.


Queixeiros da Chaira S.L is the company that brings together the producers of the Denomination of Origin San Simón da Costa for the export of this cheese under the brand MAGUS.

Having all the producers of San Simón da Costa in our company allows us to select the best cheeses to offer them to our international clients.

We produce PDO Cheese San Simón da Costa, the oldest cow cheese in Spain and probably in Europe and the most prized in national and international awards and prizes in its category. (Awards for the best Cow Cheese in Spain, Gold Medals , Silver and Bronze of the World Cheese Awards).


Marterra Deluque is a family business located in a prime  location for snail farming  by favorable conditions of humidity, rain and vegetation. It is dedicated to the packaging of snails cooked only in water and salt, no additives and preservatives are added. A poor-fat meat rich in high biological value proteins and minerals. A product made by hand where a high quality snail is selected, a snail with all its flavour and its properties.

Snails are an ideal meal  for any season. In addition to daily feeding, the  snails  enjoy  a healthy natural  diet. The herbs and clovers used to feed the snails are carefully sown prior to the beginning of their life cycle.


CABANA DAS BOLBORETAS is the result of several generations of winemakers putting all their effort and dedication in caring for the vineyard with great respect for the natural environment; Waiting day after day for the grapes to reach the optimum ripeness to start harvesting, always manually, making sure each selected bunch complies with the highest ripening and hygienic standards.

Keeping these principles as our cornerstone and with state of the art premises equipped with the most advanced technical means for wine processing and preservation, we try to capture the essence of the grape grown by our family in our 30 year old vineyards, which include some centenary vines, set in a privileged location 20 km from the Atlantic ocean, with a climate and soil composition unique to the Galician Rías Baixas. These exceptional  conditions and our care throughout the whole wine making process are reflected in our wines.